Mahaveer starts the BOSS GP season with a double podium

The abbreviation BOSS stands for Big Open Single Seaters. The races are between the top classes from the international single-seater categories past and present. There are two different classes in the BOSS GP series. In the OPEN class, home for the biggest, fastest and most powerful cars, Formula 1, Champ Cars and IndyCars will fight for their Champion. In the FORMULA class, mainly GP2, World Series by Renault and Superleague Formula cars fight for the podium positions and the Championship points. At the end of the season every class will crown its own BOSS GP Champion.

With 36 drivers having registered for the 2017 season of the Boss GP championship, Hockenheim had 17 drivers participating. 6 drivers belong to the Open category and 11 to the Formula category.

Race 1 was plagued by rain. Mahaveer was one of the few drivers to enter the race in slick tyres having made a strategic choice while most of the drivers went in wet tyres. Mahaveer qualified third in the Formula category racing in an Auto GP car where most of the other drivers raced in the GP2 cars with the Dallara engine. Rain delayed the race resulting in many drivers forced to drop out of race 1.

Race 2 was a smooth day for the drivers with no rain, no crashes and no time under yellow flag. Mahaveer finished second in Race 1 and third in Race 2. His position in the standings is 2nd after the weekend with 40 points.